We provide high level assurance of accountancy works over different types of industry and have proficiency experience in trading, manufacturing, retailing, forwarder and shipping, property agency, building management, art design, insurance agency, travel agency, investment, professional, restaurant, modeling, printing, courier. In order to give our clients a proper understanding on the financial issue, we purvey our professional analysis and advice with supplementary of financial reports. We also provide computerized accounting services for companies on monthly, quarterly, annually or ad hoc basis as required.


 Accounting Services we Offer


Use appropriate professional accounting software for recording transactions

  Preparation monthly to quarterly general ledger  

Maintenance proper books of account & records

  Preparation payroll  
  Provision of support and training to account personnel  
  Provision of professional advice on the company cash-flow  
  Recruitment and interview accounting and financial personnel  

 Statutory Audit on Limited Company

  According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Section 122, it requires that an audited financial statement of a limited company must be submitted to the shareholders at each Annual General Meeting. Annual audit not only is an indispensable procedure of each Hong Kong limited company, it will also be able to detect potential problem of a company and allow directors and shareholders to take action in advance. we will arrange an independence CPA to perform Statutory audit services & apart from Taxation and Accounting services of each client.

 Audit on Sole Proprietor or Partnership




It is common for sole proprietor or partnership to carry out annual audit. Not only will it enhance the reliability of the company's financial statements, but also it is required for certain professions like firm of solicitors, securities company and travel agency to prepared annual audited financial statements.


 Audit to Detect Suspected Frauds and Errors


As an independent qualified auditor, we have been engaged from time to time to carry out investigations on financial records based on defined criteria and report to the shareholders an independent opinion base on our finding.


 Review of Interim Financial Reports


Timely and reliable interim financial reporting improves the ability of shareholders and directors to understand an enterprise's capacity to generate earnings and cash flows and its financial condition and liquidity. We can review client's interim financial report and to issue independent review report.


We offer a full range of taxation services to corporations and to individuals, whether local or expatriate.


Our tax team has been at the forefront of taxation developments for many years and as such can offer advice based on knowledge and experience. They have a wealth of experience drawn from a variety of sources, and the integrated approach we take means that no matter what type of taxation problem arises, it can be solved effectively and efficiently.


Above all, our aim is to save you money. We provide timely and constructive advice on the impact of taxation on the business or on your personal affairs. Through regular discussion and periodic review, we help identify issues which may have adverse tax implications and offer alternative suggestions.


 Taxation Services we Offer

  Preparation of Profits Tax computation and filing of Tax Returns for corporate and individual clients  
  Provision of Profits Tax and Salaries Tax planning; Representing individual and corporate clients to deal with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) on tax investigation and field audit cases  
  Provision of advice on Estate Planning, establishing and maintaining trusts, and application for Estate Duty clearance  
  Representing client in tax investigation and field audit cases  
  Rendering practical and timely advices on tax planning and consultancy  
  Alerting clients to the latest tax development  
  Formation of a limited company in Hong Kong  
  • All-new company
  • Shelf company
  Formation of a British Virgin Islands Company  
  • All-new company
  • Shelf company

Provision of registered office service, registered address and mail, fax or telephone receiving and forwarding services



  Filing of statutory annual returns  
  Preparation of documents for changes of directors or shareholders  
  Preparing of documents for company' s name changes  
  Provision of nominee directors' and shareholders' services  
  Drafting and amending Memorandum and Articles of Association  
  Maintenance and updating of statutory books & records  
  Assistance with directors' & shareholders' meetings  
  Assisting in opening bank accounts  
  Deregistration of limited companies  

To compete in today's globalizing business world, we provided all-round professional consultancy which designed to help our clients enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, market competitiveness and profitability of your business.


And to meet the needs of growing companies in an ever-changing economic environment, our firm also assist our clients in formulating and implementing their strategic plans. This would typically involve assessment of current financial situation of companies and suggestions for improvement in various aspects of companies including finance, operations as well as taxation.


 Corporate Finance Consultancy

  Development of negotiating strategies, establishing appropriate price and assisting in closing deals  

Assistance in financing from commercial banks, institutional investors, venture funds, private placement of debt and equity,
and other capital sources

Preparation of business plans

Assisting in corporate insolvency and debts restructuring and corporate and personal financial planning


 Corporate Management Consultancy

  Building up an effective accounting system  
  Customizing fully integrated computerized accounting and internal control system  

Analysis of accounting, current and future taxation implications for proposed transactions