Doing business in China is expected to boom as never before as this vast country, with it's huge market potential, enters the World Trade Organisation (WTO). But there are perils and pitfalls, especially for the unwary and those not properly advised.


Through our associate in China, we offer a range of comprehensive services to assist the management of cross-border businesses


 China Business Advistory


Assist in setting up Mainland operations, e.g. joint-ventures and seeking various government approvals

  Providing a portfolio of China business requirements, on-site language and cultural understanding; Providing tax consultations and accounting methods as practised in the Mainland  
  Arranging audits on behalf of the foreign party  
  Advise on China tax planning  

Assist in management of cross-border businesses

  Providing training on international accounting standards and computerized accounting system in order to cope with the tax regulation in China